Lets Pretend Hartlepool

Lets Pretend Hartlepool is a children’s play centre for children ages 0-10, created to allow them to

safely explore their imaginations. In the form of role play, We have created a realistic small street specifically for children to explore their creativity and imagination. Role play is important in a child’s development as it helps to build confidence, creativity, communication and problem solving skills. Our center is a fun and exciting way for your children to do this. All the while you are able to relax and enjoy refreshments from our cafe.

At Lets Pretend Hartlepool we provide you with a professional friendly service and leave you with Memories so magical they will last forever!


Lets Pretend Hartlepool have various fun filled areas in the form of a small street. Our street includes:

  • Health Center  

  • Police Station 

  • Fire Station 

  • New Mart Supermarket

  • Tiny Treasures Day Nursery

  • Al’s Diner 

  • Lilly’s Locks Hair Salon 

  • Theatre 

  • Construction zone / Camping Area

  • The Space station – Sensory room.                         


              How Lets Pretend Hartlepool Works.

We offer a unique Role play experience by operating four 90 minute play sessions per day and only allow small groups at anyone time to visit each session which enables them to enjoy using their imagination and creativity in a relaxed environment. 

Lets Pretend Hartlepool is a small Street for big imaginations, so come along and enjoy watching your child take in their surroundings and lose themselves in the form of roleplay which will help stimulate their mind . Have a look at our Rules of Play

Parents we haven’t forgotten you, why not sit down and relax whilst your little one is creating memories and have a lovely hot drink and a nice piece of cake , or even indulge in some of our home made fresh light bites.

We even cater for your little ones too , have they got an allergy? let us know we may be able to help.




  • Ticket admits 1 x Adult and Child



  • Ticket admits 1 x Adult & Non Walker




  • 1 X Additional Adult per booking

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18 Sydenham Road


TS25 1QA